Hockey Skating Skills at The Skating Club of Boston

Seize the Advantage!

Designed for hockey players. Taught by figure skaters.

Hockey classes begin again in the spring–summer of 2024!

$30 pre-registration, $36 walk-in
50% off for Norwood Nuggets

Spring 1: April 16 through May 9 (4 weeks)
Spring 2: May 14 through June 13 (5 weeks)

Tuesdays and Thursdays
Session 1: 6:30 – 7:20 PM (’13-’17 birth years)
Session 2: 7:30 – 8:20 PM (’07-12′ birth years)

Summer 1: June 18 through July 25 (No Class July 2, 4, 9, 11)
Summer 2: July 30 through August 29 (No Class August 13 or 15)

Tuesdays and Thursdays
Session 1: 6:00 – 6:50 PM (’13-’17 birth years)
Session 2: 7:00 – 7:50 PM (’07-12′ birth years)


Cancellation Policy

No refunds or make-up dates will be offered to registered skaters who do not attend class. In the event that the Club must cancel a scheduled class, all registered participants will be notified and receive a refund. 

The best hockey players learn how to skate from the best figure skaters. Ask any NHL player – it’s no secret. And it’s no secret either that The Skating Club of Boston is home to some of the best figure skaters in the World.

Learn from the Best

The Skating Club of Boston offers customized group skating skills classes for hockey players of every level interested in being the best skaters.

Under the guidance of renowned coach, Renee Roos, and U.S. Figure Skating Olympians and Team USA members who train at The Skating Club of Boston, you’ll learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques of edge work, power skating, cross overs and agility work you need to skate like the greats. These coaches know how to use their edges to get the speed they need for the difficult triple and quadruple jumps. They’ll also show you their same tricks and tips to skate your very best.

Skaters of every ability are welcome! Classes will be leveled by groups so that everyone gets the specialized attention they need and no one will feel left behind.

The best skaters have the best chances for success in hockey because great play demands great skating. And great skating doesn’t just happen. You have to put in the work. And what could be better than working with some of the best skaters in the world?

Private lessons and small group lessons are available in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6:10 AM. 

Please contact Director Renee Roos at  for further information.

Special Offer: Norwood Nuggets

Current players for the Norwood Nuggets can receive a 50% discount on class registration.

Program Director

Renee Roos

Renee Roos comes to The Skating Club of Boston with more than 28 years of coaching experience, teaching both figure skaters and hockey players the fundamentals and advanced skating skills that create champion skaters. Having trained as a coach under the direction of Evy and Mary Scotvold (legendary coaches of both Olympic medalists, Nancy Kerrigan and Paul Wylie), Renee has a particular interest in using figure-skating secrets and techniques to give hockey players the advantages they need on the ice.

And why not? Renee taught her own sons how to skate as soon as they picked up a stick and started playing hockey. Since then, she has established a reputation throughout Cape Cod and the South Shore as a leading expert in developing superior skating skills for hockey players. Renee has worked with every level of hockey player – from new-to-the-game to Division One college and Junior-level players. Her clients even include the children of many former NHL players, including Tom Poti.

The Skating Club of Boston is thrilled to now have Renee lead this very important program for our community. Along with our coaches from Team USA, we believe that great skating – both figure skating and hockey – starts with the same fundamentals. And that the best hockey players learn how to skate from the best figure skaters.

Team USA Coaches

Spencer Howe

Jimmy Ma

Misha Mitrofanov

Program Coaches

Gabriella Izzo

Jack Liu



As a former NHL player, I realize skating is the most important skill. It is crucial that you develop a strong skating foundation. That is the main reason I send my kids to Renee Roos. I was introduced to her through a friend and signed my kids up right away. She is a professional in every sense and has an intense passion for teaching. Working with Renee will enable you to improve your, edges, agility, speed, balance, acceleration and technique. She is excellent at correcting faults and showing kids how to improve them. Renee has also worked with many of the hockey players I coach and it comforts me knowing they are getting expert teaching and advice. I highly recommend Renee Roos if you’re looking for the best. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and has a high expectancy of performance. This will be your vehicle to become a better skater.

Tom Poti
14 seasons in the National Hockey League

My son Matthew is now 20 and has been working with Renee for several years. He is currently finishing up his junior career playing for the Lone Star Brahmas in the NAHL.

My son Matthew worked through an injury last year and reached out to Renee for help with his skating. She challenged him to improve his stride and worked with him during a difficult time in his young life. Her knowledge to improve his skating along with helping his mental state was so important for his recovery. The dedication she puts into each individual during her skill session is unmatched. I can’t say enough about Renee’s ability to teach, her patience and most importantly she is a person who cares.

I cannot say enough about her and totally endorse your decision to hire her to lead your program forward.

Stephen M.

Renee has been instrumental in my son Devin’s hockey skating development over the past four and a half years. She came highly recommended to me when I was looking for a skating coach for my son to help with his power skating, edges, crossovers and backwards skating. He was new to hockey and I wanted to find someone who could help him build his confidence on the ice. She did that and so much more. His improvement over the years is remarkable and he has become such a strong skater because of her. Renee puts a major emphasis on proper skating stride with the techniques and drills to help with his game of hockey. I loved her coaching style and the way she treats each and every one of her students as they are her own. About a year after my son started taking lessons with Renee, I had my daughter start taking figure skating lessons with her. My daughter looks up to Renee as her mentor and has grown so much as an individual both on and off the ice because of her. Renee is a versatile coach who can transition back and forth between coaching hockey skaters and figure skaters. I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking to improve their skating skills and technique.

Erin S.

My sons, now 20 and 14, have been working with Renee for several years. The 20-year old is finishing up his junior career playing for the MN Wilderness (NAHL) and my 14-year old is a freshman playing for the Duxbury High varsity team.

Neither would be playing at their respective levels had it not been for our fortunate introduction to Renee, as her passion, enthusiasm and knowledge has improved their skating dramatically!

In addition, I have made her available to several of my son’s friends by organizing a small group of dedicated hockey players to meet with her once a week, throughout the past several summers.

I can’t say enough about Renee’s ability to teach, her patience and most importantly who she is as a human being!

I wholeheartedly endorse your decision to hire her to lead your program forward.

Michael O.


For any questions regarding the Hockey Skating Skills classes, please contact