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Gain The Advantage

Designed by Hockey Players. Taught by Figure Skaters.

The best hockey players learn how to skate from the best figure skaters. That’s no secret. And it’s no secret either that The Skating Club of Boston has some of the best figure skaters in the world.

New to Boston!

The Skating Club of Boston now offers customized group skating lessons for hockey players of every level interested in being the best skaters.

Under the guidance of U.S. Figure Skating Olympians and Team USA members on the Club’s coaching staff, you’ll learn the edge work, power skating, cross overs and agility work you need to skate like the greats. They’ll also show you their tricks and tips to outskate your opponent every time. These coaches know how to use their edges to get the speed they need for the difficult triple and quadruple jumps. They know that smooth is fast!

Get to the puck faster. Leave a chasing defender in the dust. Dominate every shift. Defensemen, never let a forward outskate you again. The best skaters have the best chances for success in hockey because great play demands great skating. And great skating doesn’t just happen. You have to put in the work. And what could be better than learning from some of the best skaters in the world?

Great skating doesn’t just happen. Skaters make it happen. These classes require a little bit of time and dedication now. But take the classes, and you will reap the benefits your entire lifetime on the ice.


While these classes are intended for higher-level hockey players, beginners are also invited to take Hockey Skills classes with The Skating Academy, the Club’s Learn to Skate USA program. To learn more about The Skating Academy, please click here.