The Club

Our Mission

The Skating Club of Boston® is a leader in advancing participation, education and excellence in skating for people of all ages, abilities and means.

Who We Are

The Skating Club of Boston is New England’s premier figure skating club, and home to a community of families, athletes and professionals united by their love of skating and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of the sport. The Club is currently amidst one of the most exciting times in its rich 100-plus year history as it just moved into its new state-of-the-art training facility in Norwood, MA which will be the Club’s new home for the Next 100 Years. In Norwood, the Club will continue its legacy offering a variety of programs supporting all of the U.S. Figure Skating disciplines, and a staff of professional coaches, including world champions and Olympic team members, unmatched for their experience and coaching accomplishments. From recreational skaters to the Olympic hopefuls, single skaters to team members, beginners to lifelong enthusiasts, The Skating Club of Boston will provide you or your skater with the resources and relationships necessary to meet your own individual skating goals and dreams.


The Skating Club of Boston is the third oldest skating club in the country, and a founding member of U.S. Figure Skating, the national governing body for the sport. The Club has been a longstanding leader in American figure skating, with numerous Club members serving in various national positions within U.S. Figure Skating. A variety of members have also represented the United States in the International Skating Union. On the ice, Club members have also been leaders, earning over 145 national championship titles, as well as numerous medals at the Olympic, world and various other international championships.


In addition to its tradition of leadership, the Club is also a community of families, athletes and professionals united by their love of skating and a commitment to excellence in all facets of skating. Sometimes referred to as The Boston Skating Club, the Club welcomes skaters of all ages, interested in all of the U.S. Figure Skating disciplines, at both the recreational and competitive level.

The Boston Skating Club

The Boston Skating Club has always been an informal name commonly used by many in the public to refer to The Skating Club of Boston. This remains true today! In 1996, however, The Boston Skating Club was officially incorporated with the purpose of running large national and international skating events. This proved to be very rewarding, as the Club produced and promoted the 2001 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships, the 2014 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships, and the 2016 ISU World Figure Skating Championships. With the advent of more nimble and less expensive limited liability corporations since then, The Boston Skating Club is less necessary for this purpose. But regardless of its official classification, The Boston Skating Club will always remain a colloquial name for The Skating Club of Boston to many inside and outside of the U.S. Figure Skating community.