Highland Street Foundation

The Highland Street Foundation is a local, philanthropic organization providing children and families in the Boston community with access and opportunities in education, housing, mentorship, health care, the environment and the arts. They do incredible work for the citizens of Boston throughout the year, including their Winter Camp program each February at Boston Common Frog Pond.

Winter Camp was created to provide free activities for children and families during February school vacation. As part of the program, we sponsor ice skating on the Boston Common Frog Pond from Monday through Friday during the public school February vacation week. — Highland Street Foundation

The Club is pleased to help support the program as part of its own mission to promote figure skating to as wide an audience as possible. Many of the Highland Street Foundation’s guests have never been on the ice before, and the Club provides a team of experienced helpers to teach the new skaters everything from how to lace their skates to how to get up from a fall. The Club also provides free skate rentals, skating aids and lockers for the kids.

For more information about all of the Highland Street Foundation’s programs and initiatives, visit their website at highlandstreet.org.