Showcase of Boston

Showcase is an exciting discipline combining theatrical expression and presentation with classic skating skills. The discipline fuses artistic creativity with figure skating for single skaters, duets, small ensembles of three to seven and production numbers of eight to thirty skaters. The Club is beginning its Showcase program this spring as the Club prepares for the transition to Norwood.

Competitors in Showcase will have a chance to qualify for the National Showcase Competition in Fort Collins, Colorado. There, the best showcase performers from around the country will compete for top honors in the parade of showcase champions, a top-honor in the theatrical skating world!

What is the National Showcase Competition?

This is a competition similar to Theatre On Ice that rewards presentation and entertainment over technical prowess. Choreography, execution, and classic skating is rewarded. Most events are skated with the house lights dimmed and under spotlights.

What are the events?

The events at this competition include: light entertainment and dramatic entertainment solo routines, interpretive, duets, mini ensembles (groups of 3-7), and large ensembles (groups of 8-30.)

What level do I have to be?

National Showcase has events for preliminary-senior. Dance tests can be used as a guide for which level to enter.

What are the opportunities?

Showcase is under the umbrella of Theatrical Skating within U.S. Figure Skating’s discipline structure. National Showcase is a national level competition that is growing in popularity and is quickly becoming a place for exceptional performers to stand out and get noticed by judges and professional show scouts.

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