Aleksey Letov

Personal Profile: 
I fully believe in the importance in the relationship between the skater, coach, and parent. I strive to build a team that is based on a family-oriented atmosphere and believe that in order to succeed in this sport and in life, each aspect of the family must work together. I believe that the number one key to success is communication and complete transparency/honesty between the skater, coach, and parent. Without this strong foundation, all the training and hard work cannot stand on its own. The knowledge I have obtained over the years and the knowledge I continue to obtain is shared with other coaches and/or partners because I strive to create a friendly and fun atmosphere at the rink where learning can be done.

My goal in coaching is to raise a well-rounded athlete that is self-disciplined and displays respect not only to coaches, but also to fellow skaters, parents, and most importantly, themselves.

Formal Education: 
Masters Degree from the Russian University of Sports

Coaching Philosophy: 
My mission and coaching philosophy fully revolves around training and guiding athletes to become champions in the figure-skating world, but even more importantly, it revolves around creating an atmosphere where the athlete can confidently grow into strong, successful and positive individuals, who can proudly pass the torch onto the next generation.

Coaching Since: 
18+ Years of Coaching Experience

PSA Ratings: 
PSA Master Rated
CER Category A

Students’ Competitive Achievements: 
30 U.S. Championships medalists
12 Team USA international competitors
6 ISU National medalists

Disciplines / Specialties: 
Singles, Pairs, Choreography, Jumps, Spins, Performance, Moves in the Field

Competitive Background:
Russian National Competitor
International Competitor

Show History:
6+ Years of international show experience as a principal skater
Principal skater at the opening ceremony for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City

Coaching Awards, Accomplishments & Seminars: 
2016 PSA Developmental Coach of the Year

Skating Awards & Accomplishments: 
Cup of Russia National Champion
International Champion

Affiliation with U.S. Figure Skating, PSA, ISU: 
Team USA Coach
ISU International Coach