Adult Community Activities Committee

The Skating Club of Boston is pleased to support the growth of adult figure skating through the Adult Community Activities Committee (ACAC). The mission of the ACAC is to bring together the community of the adult members at the Club, and serve the needs of adult skaters both here and in the Greater Boston Area.

The ACAC’s activities cater to adult skaters of all levels and all disciplines. Past activities have included on-ice and off-ice workshops, special topic events such as IJS seminars and panel discussions with former Team USA skaters, as well as our annual Adult Celebration and Exhibition. Additionally, adult members of the Club are welcomed to participate in Club activities such as Ice Chips, Frog Pond Skating Spectacular, Club competition, and more.

Adult Skating at The Skating Club of Boston

The Club offers Adult Freestyle ice sessions. Select sessions offer additional benefits, such as an accompanying coach-led Adult edge class and a casual exhibition on the first Sunday of each month. Check the Club ice schedule for location and times.

Additionally, the Club supports Imagica of Boston, our Theatre On Ice adult team, as well as Team Excel Adult in our synchronized skating program. Skaters looking to take private lessons can find a list of coaches on the Club website. Adult Learn-to-Skate group classes are offered by The Skating Academy.

Social Ice Dancing

Before it was an Olympic discipline, ice dance had a long history as a social activity that attracted skaters and families to figure-skating clubs. Clubs, including The Skating Club of Boston, had weekly sessions of social ice dancing that were family events and often included off-ice activities. Social ice dancing was at the heart of the Club’s skating community.

Today, social ice dances are mostly done at ice dance weekends or at special Club sessions. The dances are selected from the dance patterns of the U.S. Figure Skating test structure, plus several dances unique to social ice dancing. There are no test requirements, although it’s best if you feel comfortable with a dance before stepping out on the ice. The key to success is knowing the steps and staying on the correct pattern, beat and edge. That said, if you don’t know a dance and would like to learn it, most dancers are happy to talk you through the steps.

Get in touch

Want to contribute to the committee? We would love to hear from you! For questions or inquiries about ACAC and our activities, please email

Committee Members

Christina Butkiewicus, Co-Chair
Chia Ying Lee, Co-Chair
George Blaszczynski
Kristen Ervick
Maria Gellepes
Gloria Lacek
Laura Morrissette
Kirsten Rostedt
Elin Schran, Adult Skating Coordinator
Katharine Steeger, Director of Membership Services