Anne Goldberg-Baldwin

Personal Profile:
Anne blurs the definitions of skating, music,  and dance in her holistic approach to coaching,  calling on her unique skillset as an avant-garde  composer, choreographer, and performer. She  is a quintuple Gold Medalist, holding Freestyle,  Moves in the Field, Partnered and Solo Dance  as well as International Ice Dance, and Canadian Gold Artistry. She is PSA ranked and rated  in Choreography and Freeskating and was accepted to Feld Entertainment’s Disney on  Ice and Ice Theater of New York.

Formal Education:
She earned a Doctorate of Musical Arts at the Manhattan  School of Music in Classical Composition, has  taught on faculty at Cornish College of the  Arts in Seattle in the Music and Dance depart ments, and is now Assistant Professor of Music at Berklee College of Music. She is  currently working on her Master of Fine Arts  in Dance at the University of the Arts.

Teaching Philosophy:
Anne uses skating and dance classes as integral  tools to empower individuals to reach their  highest potential on and off the ice. Through  safe technique, humor, and exploration, Anne  seeks to instill in her students the values of  persistence, patience, and sportsmanship,  imparting the importance of manageable goal  setting, accountability, and optimistic thinking.  No matter the students’ goals, they learn to  have healthy relationships with success and  failure, build relationships with their peers, and  celebrate their individuality and improvements  on a daily and long-term basis.