Brooke Frieling

Professional Profile:
Brooke is an ISU World Competitor in Ice Dance. With Partner Lionel Rumi, she is the two-time Israeli National Ice Dance Champion and has competed in numerous international competitions. Brooke started her ice dance career at the Skating Club of Boston with Buck Withrow and is a U.S Nationals Competitor. Brooke has a Gold Medal test in Moves in the Field, Free Dance, and Compulsory Dance. In addition to teaching figure skating, Brooke works with athletes in the dance studio to improve alignment, technique and artistry.

Formal Education:
B.A Communications, The University of Pennsylvania
M.F.A Dance, Temple University

Coaching Philosophy:
I believe that 50% of getting something done is showing up and what you do once you’ve arrived determines the result. My primary goal is to help skaters become leaders of their own education. With every student I take into account the individuals physical and emotional safety, their skating “life skill” development, their unique personality and learning style, and encourage a critical understanding of strengths, limitations, motivations and needs through self-awareness. For me, teaching is a process of learning from students, colleagues and parents. I aim to bring a positive attitude, open mind and high expectations for my students into the rink every day. I believe I owe it to my students to bring warmth and consistency and inspire those same traits in my students. I am constantly acquiring new certifications and fresh skills to share with the skaters I teach.

Coaching Since:

PSA Ratings:

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Students’ Competitive Achievements:

Last 4 Years – Students’ Competitive Achievements:

Ice Dance, Compulsory Dance, Choreography, Moves in the Field, Spins, Twizzles, Lifts, Technical Footwork, Artistic Expression, Dance for Skaters, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Inline Figure Skating

Competitive Background:
ISU World Competitor
ISU European Championships Competitor
2x Israeli National Ice Dance Champion
U.S. National Competitor

Show History:
Choreographed Opening Ceremony for Dillworth Plaza, Philadelphia PA.
Produced “Dancing Figures” at the University of Pennsylvania, M.F.A Thesis.
Frozen Frog Productions Holiday Show
Ice Chips Soloist
Ice Works Skating Club Show Soloist
Performed on Episode of Cake Boss
Boston Ballet Nutcracker (7 seasons)

Coaching Awards, Accomplishments & Seminars:

Skating Awards, & Accomplishments:

Affiliation with U.S. Figure Skating, PSA, ISU:
Member, U.S. Figure Skating
Member, PSA

Phone: (617) 838-3670
Instagram: @thedancingskater
Facebook: @Thedancingskater
Youtube: @Thedancingskater
Twitter: @dancing_skater
Tik Tok: Thedancingskater108