Club Rules Feedback

The Club periodically reviews its rules to make sure they are up to date and still appropriate to the Club over time. We last made updates to all of the Club’s rules at this same time in 2021. Per the Club’s Bylaws, the process for updating the rules is as follows: Club management initiates the review and proposed updates before bringing them to the Board of Directors for their review, comments and updates. The revised rules are then sent to the Club membership for a 30-day period for the membership’s own review and comment. Those comments are then brought back to the Board for further review and possible further updates before the Board will vote on the final adoption of the updated rules. Importantly, members are not voting on the rules, but rather, providing meaningful comments.

At its meeting earlier this week, the Club’s Board reviewed and gave comment to management’s proposed updates. The revised document is available below for your review. If you have comments, please leave them at the same link. In your comments, please be sure to list the Rule number to which you are commenting, and feel free to comment on as many rules as you like. It is important that you also leave your contact information so that we may follow up on any confusing comments or language that may be ambiguous.

Please click on the link below to review the proposed changes to the Club Rules.

Club Rules – Proposed Updates (PDF)

This form is no longer available.