Dick Button Artistic Figure Skating Seminar

A scheduled 8 hours of workshops and seminars planned around the below schedule. Final schedule, curriculum and leveling of the classes still to be determined. Agreed that for the West Rink classes, a minimum level of Intermediate Moves in the Field will be required for admission to participate in the on-ice class. Skaters not meeting this requirement will be encouraged to enroll in the class as an on-ice auditor where they can observe but not participate. A minimum age of 8 is required for all classes.


$50 Day Ticket

West Rink: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

The minimum level to participate in these sessions is intermediate moves in the field. Skaters not meeting this requirement are encouraged to enroll in the class as an on-ice auditor where they can be on the ice listening but not actively participating.

  • American Ice Theatre: 6 Ways of the the Spine & Improvisation – AIT will share their core body movement philosophy called 6 Ways of the Spine, as well as guided improvisation exercises working to access skaters’ innate creative, authentic, expressive movement. Contemporary skating is a new art form that challenges the traditional norms of figure skating by offering collaborative, innovative, inclusive, and explorative spaces examining the relationship between the ice, our bodies, and the world around us.
  • Ice Dance International: SKATE 360- Celebrate the joy of flight and flow and explore multi-dimensional ways of movement on ice in IDI’s signature Skate 360. This class will cover all advanced turns and edges and helps a skater develop a keen understanding of the nuance of skating.
  • Ice Theatre of New York: Plie Power Edges
  • Joy Skate Productions: IceFlow – A yoga-inspired edge class which connects leaning, twisting and stretching movements with the breath as we flow with each other across the ice to music. Technically, the focus of the class centers on weight transfer, and discovering a full range of motion in every direction.
  • The Next Ice Age: The Next Ice Edge – Learn the steps of an exercise. Learn the technique of that exercise. Apply the breath to the skating. Formulate an intent from the movement. The exercises focus on line, efficiency, and how the body relates to the circle. 

An introductory-level class open to skaters of all levels on either a participating or auditing basis. Instructors from each of the six companies will teach 20-minute segments to participants on one half the ice. Skaters will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 classes each and will have the opportunity to practice and mingle with skaters from the companies on the other half of the ice.

If you have any questions, please email Leslie Graham, Director of Events and Programs at leslie.graham@scboston.org