Frog Pond Show Ross Miner

Club skaters once again headline this year’s Frog Pond Skating Spectacular at First Night Boston, performing outdoors in downtown Boston. From senior level showstoppers to figure skating’s future stars, this year’s show will feature national and international soloists, Club group numbers and team performances!

Frog Pond Skating Spectacular First Night New Years EveSaturday, December 31, 2016, 6:00-7:00pm
The Boston Common Frog Pond
Opening remarks by Club President, Joe Blount
Mugar Family Fireworks on Boston Common after the show


Ross Miner
Heidi Munger
Marietta Atkins
Julia Rapela
Alexandra Roloff
Annabelle Rie
Gemma Parker
Philip Baker
Cate Fleming & Jedidiah Isbell
Ramsey Ghanem
Emilina & Damian Jarvis
Jasmine Lanata & Will Annis
Club Member Group Numbers
Team Excel Synchronized Skating
Theatre On Ice of Boston
Skating Academy

Enjoy the show!