The Boston Common Frog Pond

Boston Common Frog Pond

The Skating Club of Boston is proud to operate the Boston Common Frog Pond in a year-round partnership with the Boston Parks and Recreation Department. Visit to see the full schedule of events and activities for four seasons of family fun!

The Boston Common Frog Pond is nestled in the heart of America’s oldest public park. The Frog Pond is a special jewel of the City of Boston offering a place to enjoy and experience the historic Boston Common throughout the year. In the winter months, from mid-November to mid-March, fellow members of the community and visitors alike share the experience of and enjoyment of gliding across the ice and enjoying the winter climate. Whether you are a first-time skater or an aspiring Olympian, The Frog Pond enables you to take pleasure in the sport of ice skating which has a rich heritage in the City of Boston. The Club’s Skating Academy offers learn to skating programming for groups and private lessons. In the warmer months, the Frog Pond serves as a reflection pool and refreshing wading pool with amusements and activities to enjoy in the warmer weather, including FREE Summer Yoga, movie nights, fly fishing tutorials, and the annual Barks & Bagels event! Visit the Frog Pond web site for a listing of all year-round activities and events. The Frog Pond Café is open throughout the year offering a broad selection of meals and snacks in a unique setting.

In recognition of the value of this landmark and the opportunity to elevate and expand this jewel of Boston, America’s third oldest skating club, The Skating Club of Boston has partnered with the Boston Parks Department and the City of Boston to operate the Frog Pond and expand the programs and services offered to the Boston community. This collaboration allows for year-round programs, events, and participation for the Boston community. In addition, The Skating Club of Boston is initiating an expansion of events, shows, community outreach and participation to include ice skating scholarship programs for individuals and school groups and handicapped/special needs ice skating lessons.

Our mission is to utilize the Boston Common Frog Pond as a tool to reach into our community and provide recreation, athletic training, mentoring, scholarship, and valuable experiences to our youth. In addition, we want to utilize the Frog Pond to educate and uplift the minds of the students and citizens in the Boston area and throughout the Commonwealth.

For more information, including hours of operation and a calendar of events, visit the The Boston Common Frog Pond website directly at

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