Club Award – The Mary Louise Wright Memorial Award

The Mary Louise Wright Memorial Award was created by the Junior Activities Committee in memory of Mary Louise Wright, herself a champion skater and longtime World Judge. The Mary Louise Wright Memorial Award is presented annually to a competitive skater or skaters who embody the knowledge and spirit needed to grow, not only as an athlete, but as an individual and role model. This award is given to an athlete or athletes who have demonstrated an effective balance of academic and competitive achievement while being active participants in the activities and events of the Club.

Recent Recipients: 
2021 – Luke Witkowski & Audrey Lu & Sydney Reynders
2020 – Anthony Yinf and Alexis Boulanger
2019 – Cate Fleming & Jedidiah Isbell
2018 – Jun Hong Chen & Seungil “Rick” Lee
2017 – Philip Baker and Sydney Reynders
2016 – Gabriella Izzo & Megan Wessenberg
2015 – Jessin Lin, Heidi Munger & Julia Steeger
2014 – Isabelle Dost & Megan Wessenberg
2013 – Adrian Huertas & Olivia Pastore
2012 – Liam Beatson & Layla Siraj
2010 – Harrison J. Choate, Keilani-Lyn Rudderham, Alexandria Shaughnessy & James Morgan
2009 – Stephen J. Carriere, Jr., Rochelle Dost, Olivia Gibbons & Tyler Harris
2008 – Harrison J. Choate, Brittney M. Rizo, Una Donegan & Andrew M. Korda
2007 – Curran Y.M. Oi, Michelle Boulos, Susan Enright & Michael Bramante
2006 – Ross Miner, Juliana Cannarozzo, Kate M. McDermott & Colin McManus
2005 – Stephen J. Carriere, Jr., Kristin L. Tudisco, Meghan C. McCullough & Joel Dear