Club Award – The JAC Excellence in Leadership Award

“A leader makes other people feel important and appreciated. A leader excels at creating opportunities to provide opportunities, recognition and thanks to their peers. A leader creates an environment in which people feel important and appreciated.” Susan Heathfield

A new award instituted in 2014, the JAC Excellence in Leadership Award was created to acknowledge members who are 13 and older, who participate regularly in the activities of the JAC and Club, and who have:

  • Gone above and beyond the expectations of the Club and JAC community by inspiring their peers to be involved in Club activities that foster a sense of community
  • Consistently proven to be exemplary in their involvement with the JAC activities of the Club as well as in all aspects of their involvement with the Club
  • Fostered positive relationships with the JAC mentors, Club management and peers
  • Intentionally pursued the Club’s ideals through the attainment of established goals and continual development of programs for the youth of the Club.

Recent recipients:
2020 – Clara Gross and Lilly Wallingford
2019 – Paige Whouley and Victoria Laub
2018 – Dayoon Chang and Cleo Theodropulous
2017 – Emmy Ma, Paige Whouley, Caitlin Perkins
2016 – Ginevra David, Alyssa Karbel & Mia Zhang-Nacke
2015 – Isabelle Dost, Katie Rosen & Jessica Sims
2014 – Heidi Munger, Olivia Pastore, & Caitlyn Smith