Notice: Club Closure on September 25th

Dear Member,

This is to give you advance notice that The Skating Club of Boston will be closed the morning of Monday, September 25th, from 8:00 AM to Noon so that management and coaches may receive emergency response training. I briefly referenced this in a recent email advising of the Club’s evacuation due to a fire alarm.

To now elaborate further, we have engaged our security consultants at Close Range Tactical to educate all Club employees and interested coaches about potential emergency incidents that could occur at the Club, and importantly, how we all need to act to manage the situation, should an emergency ever occur. The training is mandatory for all employees at the 750 Norwood Avenue facility, and campus managers in The Skating Academy and coaches who are full-time, staff members. It is optional for part-time coaches, although they will be encouraged to attend, as will the Club’s Board of Directors. Because this training is extensive and not inexpensive, we cannot manage multiple training times to accommodate the schedule of every employee and coach. The only option is to close the Club so that everyone can attend at once.

It is extremely rare for the Club to close, outside of a handful of federal holidays each year. That alone should inform you of the importance of tightening security procedures at the Club, and how we can best manage any emergency situations. After we have completed training, Close Range Tactical will arrange for our team to practice emergency drills with both the Norwood Police and Fire Departments (after Club hours) so we can not only practice what we have learned, but practice in coordination with Norwood’s emergency response teams.

Given the ongoing commitment of time and resources the Club is making to best ensure the safety of its members, I want to add how discouraging it is to see some of the Club’s staff coaches stepping through giant, Emergency Exit Only signs to use doors that are meant to stay locked. Or, some of our younger members still letting members they know, and people they don’t know, into the Club through locked doors and around the same, large, floor signs that read “For Emergency Use Only.” Frankly speaking, I just do not understand this. It is the height of arrogance to think these signs are not in place for all of us. Please talk to your skaters! Management has been addressing this with the Club’s coaches. But our younger members are generally not on email. We need to rely upon you to get the importance of this messaging to each and every skater.

Nothing that Club management does to keep the membership safe will matter if this sort of behavior continues. As I have written on numerous occasions, we are only as safe and secure as our weakest link(s).

Thank you!


Doug Zeghibe
Executive Director