Patricia Donovan

Personal Profile:
Skating has taught me more than just how to jump and spin. This sport started out as just something fun for me to do, but it turned into a way for me to make a difference in others’ lives. Coaching figure skating allows me to help students of all ages to work hard, persevere through difficult times, and achieve their goals no matter how high they set the bar. The skills I learned from skating, and that I instill in my students, have helped me become a passionate preschool teacher who loves her job, and the mother of two amazing children.

Formal Education:
Associates Liberal Arts
Associates Early Education

Coaching Philosophy:
As a coach, I feel it is important to help mold a skater into a well-rounded individual. Showing skaters how to reach their true potential through hard work and dedication, enables me to raise their self esteem and sense of empowerment. I wish for my skaters to take these traits into every aspect of their lives, so they can more easily achieve their lifelong goals. I feel the best way to establish these traits in my students is by laying a strong foundation. Having a strong set of basic skills that they can carry with them throughout their skating career will make achieving their skating goals easier. Teaching both figure skaters and hockey players the very foundational skills required for skating is a true passion of mine.

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Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Hockey Skills

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Coach of the Year Award ISI

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Juvenile Free Skate
Figures 2
Pre-Silver Dance
Skating Certifications
Safe Sport
Learn to Skate Instructor
CPR/First Aid
Hockey 1