Theatre on Ice of BostonTheatre On Ice (TOI) is a form of competitive figure skating that is popular in Europe, where it is known as “Ballet on Ice”, and is growing in popularity in the United States with continued support from U.S. Figure Skating. Theatre On Ice combines the grace of figure skating with the excitement of theater and dance. Teams consist of between 8 and 30 skaters.

Much like singles, pairs, and ice dance, competing in TOI consists of two programs; there is a short program called the Choreographic Exercise, and a Free Skate.

  • The Choreographic Exercise is a routine based on 3 elements: theme, choreographic process, and a type of gesture or movement; it is done with skaters wearing all black with no scenery or props.
  • The Free Skate is the routine where the performance can soar above and beyond. Starting with theme, emotion, or story, the Free Skate incorporates costumes, props and sometimes scenery, to tell a story through a show-style production varying in length depending on the competitive level of the team.

The Skating Club of Boston® proudly supports 6 competitive Theatre On Ice of Boston teams: Senior, Junior, Novice, Preliminary, Adult and the new Special Olympics team.

Forte of Boston – Senior team
Act I of Boston – Junior team
Encore of Boston – Novice team
Center Stage of Boston – Preliminary team
Imagica of Boston – Adult team
Overture of Boston – Special Olympics/Therapeutic Skating

theatre on ice of bostonMany of the teams have medaled both internationally and nationally over the years, with several of the teams holding national titles. The success has been fostered by a concentration on skating skills, team building, and creating a competitive program for skaters to combine their love of the sport of figure skating with on-ice performance.

The coaching team consists of 8, highly qualified coaches whose experiences include national and international level choreography along with national singles, pairs, and ice dance competition experience. The program is also supported by a large volunteer organization.

Theatre On Ice competitions are held around the country throughout the year with a national competition held in June.

Skaters participating on a TOI team have a chance to:

  • participate in additional competitions to augment their solo skating competition experience
  • develop the dramatic and performance side of their skating skills
  • enhance their component scores for their solo skating, while continuing to improve their technical skills
  • be a part of a team
  • travel locally to competitions, with the added opportunity to potentially travel internationally

To find out more about the Club’s Theatre On Ice of Boston program, please visit their website or email