Renee Laurin-Roos

Personal Profile: When I’m away from the rink I enjoy running, yoga, going to the beach, and most of all spending time with my family. My husband Ken and I have 2 wonderful boys. Zachary who is going to be a junior at Auburn University in Auburn,AL  and David who will be a freshman at the University of New Hampshire in the fall.

Formal Education: Bryant University, Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Management

Coaching Philosophy: Over the years I have taken a lot of time to find what style of coaching works for me. My passion for teaching skating is brought forth with a lot of positive energy, discipline, organization, education, and definitely a lot of fun. If your child is not enjoying their time at the rink then they won’t want to be there. So I give my best effort to teach them in a positive manner, in a safe environment, all the while developing skills to becoming an athlete to their fullest potential.  I believe that developing an athlete, goes hand in hand with helping to develop and shape the person. I believe that an exceptional coach not only teaches skating lessons,  but teaches  “life lessons” along the way. Nothing makes me happier than when my skaters go off to continue with the next chapter of their lives after skating, but still  finds the time to come back for a visit. That is when I know I have done my job as both a successful coach and a mentor.

Coaching Since:

PSA Ratings:
Basic Accreditation; Hockey Accreditation; Registered Moves in the Field

PSA Rankings:

Students’ Competitive Achievements:
“Little New England” medalists, Regional competitors, National Medalists in Showcase, Adult National Champions,  Several gold medalists in BOTH moves in the field and freestyle disciplines. Worked skating skills with several Division 1 and Division 3 College  Hockey players.

Last 4 Years – Students’ Competitive Achievements:

Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Adults, Group Lessons, Hockey Skills, Power Skating

Competitive Background:
Silver medalist in both figures and freestyle

Volunteer Experience:
Continuous service on the Yarmouth Ice Club Board of Directors for 8+ years
Co-Chair of the Cranberry Open
LOC-New England Regionals, Eastern Sectionals, National Dance and Pairs

Show History:

Coaching Awards, Accomplishments & Seminars:

Skating Awards, & Accomplishments:

Affiliation with U.S. Figure Skating, PSA, ISU:
Member, U.S. Figure Skating
Member, PSA
Member, USA Hockey