Best of Luck to the Club’s 2018 Eastern Sectionals Competitors!

2018 Eastern Sectionals Send-Off Group Photo

The Club proudly wishes the best of luck to all competitors at the 2018 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships.

Official Competition Results


Juvenile Boys Place
Alexander Bologov 12
Jonathan Hildebrandt 7
Jack Liu 11
Luke Witkowski 8


Juvenile Girls Place
Richelle Chang 8


 Juvenile Dance Place
Emma L’Esperance & Mika Amdour 4
Jasmine Lanata & Will Annis 6


Juvenile Pairs Place
Claire Fleming & Anthony Ying 6
Katie Mousseau & Damian Jarvis 5


Intermediate Men Place
Ryan Siracuse 7


Intermediate Ladies Place
Indi Cha 1
Hazel Collier 8


Intermediate Pairs Place
Cate Fleming & Jedidiah Isbell 1


Novice Ladies Place
Emilia Murdock  5
Maddie Weiler  1


Novice Men Place
Jedidiah Isbell  7
Seungil (Rick) Lee  11


Novice Dance Place
TJ Carey & Anna Pettersson 4


Junior Ladies Place
Dayoon Chang  9
Analise Gonzalez  7
Liza Hayes  6
Gabriella Izzo  3


Junior Men Place
Jun-Hong Chen  7
Maxim Naumov  1


Senior Ladies Place
Emmy Ma  1
Heidi Munger  5
Rebecca Peng  7
Megan Wessenberg  4


Senior Men Place
Curran Oi  5
Kevin Shum  2

Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer – Member Pre-Sale & Registration

The Skating Club of Boston and its Theatre On Ice of Boston program is thrilled to announce the Sk8 to Elimin8 Celebration! We invite everyone to Turn Cancer Upside Down and join Scott Hamilton for an on-ice celebration on Friday, December 1, 2017.

Click here for more information on the member only pre-sale and skater registration.

The Skating Club of Boston Hosting Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer™ Benefit for Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation

Press release header image

FREE Skating Spectacular Ice Show Hosted by Olympic Champion Scott Hamilton at Boston’s Frog Pond on November 30th

BOSTON (Nov. 2, 2017) – The Skating Club of Boston, the third oldest skating club in the United States, announced today they are partnering with the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation to host the Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer – Boston benefit at the Club’s Brighton facility on December 1, 2017. To further raise awareness, the Club will be honoring Scott at Boston’s Tree Lighting Skating Spectacular at the Boston Common Frog Pond on Thursday, November 30 at 5:00 pm.

The FREE Frog Pond event will showcase Boston’s top skating talent and raise awareness for the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, which supports cancer research, education and survivorship. An Olympic gold medalist, four-time United States Champion and current figure skating analyst, Scott Hamilton is a three-time cancer survivor. He created his CARES Foundation in 2014 to not only raise funds for cancer research, but to provide a community for those fighting the disease and its survivors, in hopes of improving the quality of life for the next person diagnosed with cancer. During his visit to Boston, Scott will also visit Boston Children’s Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

“Returning to Boston for Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer is so much more than attending an event for me. My mother grew up in Weymouth and we spent many Christmases with my grandparents there. To start the Christmas season with the tree lighting, and also raise money for cancer research in my mom’s honor, brings up so many strong emotions,” said Scott Hamilton. “Visiting Boston Children’s Hospital, after having spent a lot of time there as a youth, will make the experience even more incredible. To have survived my childhood illness only to be back fighting again for others is wonderfully rewarding. I can’t wait to be a part of these events.”

The Frog Pond Tree Lighting Spectacular will feature an array of local, national and international competitors, with Scott serving as the event’s host. Skating fans and the general public are invited to the Boston Common to watch the Spectacular and support the CARES Foundation through voluntary in-person donations.

In addition to the Frog Pond event, The Skating Club of Boston is hosting a fundraiser celebration event on December 1st at 6:00 pm at 1240 Soldiers Field Road in Brighton. Club members have been raising money for the Sk8 to Elmin8 Cancer initiative online via their personal networks and the event will include photo opportunities with Scott Hamilton, a lap-a-thon and an on-ice celebration featuring performances by the skaters who have raised the most in donations for the Foundation. Club members exceeded their original $25,000 goal in 2 weeks, and have now set their sights on a record-setting $65,000 goal.

“Figure Skating teaches many things, including perseverance and pluck, not only as skills of the sport, but as lessons for life. Scott Hamilton is the epitome of this,” said Doug Zeghibe, Executive Director, The Skating Club of Boston. “Anytime we can support someone like Scott, who has taken a leadership role in our sport and uses the adversity of his own experiences to benefit others, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity. These events are a way we can leverage the power of figure skating to support the cancer community at both the local and national level.”

The general public can support the CARES Foundation and The Skating Club of Boston’s local initiative at Proceeds from these events will benefit CARES Foundation, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Mass General Cancer Center.

About the CARES Foundation
The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, established as a national identity in 2014, is dedicated to changing the future of cancer by funding advanced, innovative research that treats the cancer while sparing the patient. With the support of the NHL, in partnership with U.S. Figure Skating and hundreds of clubs and ice facilities nationwide the CARES Foundation is Turning Cancer Upside Down™. More information about the CARES Foundation and their events can be found at

About The Skating Club of Boston
The Skating Club of Boston, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, is the third oldest skating club in the country and a founding member of U.S. Figure Skating. The mission of The Skating Club of Boston is to be the leader in advancing participation, education and excellence in all disciplines of skating for people of all ages, abilities and means. In addition to managing numerous training programs, the Club produces many local, national and international competitions. It also manages the Boston Common Frog Pond in a year-round partnership with the Boston Parks Department. Its Skating Academy, New England’s premiere skating school, offers skating instruction for children and adults of all ages, with 9 campuses in the Boston and Metro Boston region. The Club is currently developing a $50 million, three-rink, state-of-the-art training center to further its mission of advancing participation, education and excellence in the sport.

Media Contact:
Courtney Megliola
Lonestar Marketing Boston

Notice: Attendance at Competition Send-Off

Competition Send-Offs are one of the largest events held at the Club during the competitive season. Due to the number of members attending and the limited seating and standing room, attendance for the exhibition and dinner is limited to members who rsvp’d and their guests.

Those without an rsvp to a send-off will not be able to attend the exhibition.

If you did not receive an email summary of your rsvp, you and your guests are not officially registered. Please contact the Club office at 617-782-5900.

Attendees are encouraged to stay for the entire exhibition to support the Club’s skaters.

2018 Eastern Sectional Send-Off

  • The following sessions have been cancelled to accommodate the send-off dinner and exhibition: 5:20pm, Club Ice, and Club Dance
  • Overflow parking at 1230 Soldiers Field Road has been secured for the evening

Ice Chips 2018 Skater Registration is Now Open

Ice Chips Show of Champions

Good Luck Competitors!

2018 New England Regional Figure Skating Competitors, group photo

The Club proudly wishes the best of luck to all competitors at the 2018 New England Regional Figure Skating Championships.

Official Competition Results


 Juvenile Boys Total Score Place
Mika Amdour
Alexander Bologov  Free Skate Final  35.85  4
Jack Liu  Free Skate Final 39.56  2
Jessie Phaneuf-Moniz  Free Skate Final  34.00  5
Luke Witkowski  Free Skate Final  37.22  3
Allen Wu  Free Skate Final  18.76  11
Anthony Ying  Free Skate Final  31.21  6


Juvenile Girls Total Score Place
Erica Biner  QR  28.08  11
Stefania Blackwell  QR  28.58  14
Fiona Breen  QR  32.93  6
Caroline Brown Free Skate Final  34.28  23
Sarah Burke  Free Skate Final  37.75  19
Kate Burke  QR  26.41  13
Grace Cai  QR  30.58  10
Sara Campos  QR  23.82  16
Richelle Chang  Free Skate Final  48.62  3
Dana Chang  QR  32.63  9
Ela Cui  Free Skate Final  42.70  11
Amy Cui  Free Skate Final  41.28  3
Clara Delcamino-Yang QR  36.54  6
Claire Fleming  QR  33.19  8
Danielle Gagnon  QR  26.27  14
Giselle Graves  Free Skate Final  36.49 22
Jasmine Lanata  QR  31.46  9
Olivia Lee  Free Skate Final  37.97  18
Sophia Lee  Free Skate Final  45.12  8
Chloe Man  QR  24.72  15
Madeleine Miller  QR  27.47 11
Allison Moore  QR  30.96  12
Katie Mousseau  QR  28.27  10
Abigail Newton  Free Skate Final  39.73  15
Olivia Phillips  Free Skate Final  47.43  5
Caroline Santaguida  Free Skate Final  42.06  12
Emily Skoutas  QR  35.63  6
Angela Sutton  QR  14.40  17
Sarah Talty  QR  30.40  8
Lilly Wallingford  QR  27.38  12
Caroline Ward  QR  35.57  7
Mia White  QR  24.61  17
Sophie Zhang Nacke  QR  34.84  9
Katelyn Zhao  QR  20.07  18


 Intermediate Men Total Score Place
Ramsey Ghanem  Free Skate Final  62.32  5
Damian Jarvis  Free Skate Final  61.89  6
Ryan Siracuse  Free Skate Final  90.64  2


 Intermediate Ladies Total Score Place
Dessie Bell-Kamen  WD
Alexis Boulanger  QR  39.91  8
Indi Cha Free Skate Final  122.84  1
Hazel Collier  Free Skate Final  113.99  3
Danielle D’Amours  QR 47.80 5
Deirdre Farrell  QR  31.44  12
Cate Fleming  Free Skate Final  92.38  8
Clara Gross  QR  31.64  11
Carley Hinson  QR  36.93  9
Lily Hunter  QR  42.31  6
Sophia Iannelli  Free Skate Final  85.28  10
Katherine Keating  Free Skate Final  81.27  12
Marilena Kitromilis  WD
Simone Klein  QR  31.59  11
Victoria Laub  Free Skate Final 78.32  14
Cathryn Limketkai  Free Skate Final  100.36 7
Francesca Maiuri  QR  31.28  8
Gemma Parker  QR  40.16 5
Annabelle Rie  Free Skate Final  102.84  6
Erika Witkowski  QR  28.41  14
Sophia Ying  QR  35.06  6


 Novice Ladies Total Score Place
Brooke Barrett  Free Skate Final  98.25  7
Ellie Beriau
Sara Celanovic  WD
Christie Lee Marshall  QR  42.26  8
Emilia Murdock  Free Skate Final  136.57  1
Delaney Shaw  WD
Maddie Weiler  Free Skate Final  133.17  2


 Novice Men Total Score Place
Jedidiah Isbell  Free Skate Final  50.36  2
Seungil (Rick) Lee  Free Skate Final  94.69  1


 Junior Ladies Total Score Place
Marietta Atkins  Free Skate Final  109.56  7
Jin Baseman
Dayoon Chang  Free Skate Final  144.88  1
Caroline Depietri  Free Skate Final  94.92  8
Analise Gonzalez  Free Skate Final  139.84  2
Liza Hayes  Free Skate Final  123.25  4
Gabriella Izzo  Free Skate Final  135.83  3
Erica MacSweeney  Free Skate Final  85.68  12
Maya O’Leary-Cyr  Free Skate Final  85.81  11


 Junior Men Total Score Place
Jun-Hong Chen  Free Skate Final  137.00  1


 Senior Ladies Total Score Place
Heidi Munger  Free Skate Final  140.68  2
Rebecca Peng  Free Skate Final  134.40  3
Sydney Reynders  Free Skate Final  106.43  6
Megan Wessenberg  Free Skate Final  150.37  1


Senior Men Total Score Place
Curran Oi

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