Boston Globe: Place Where DREAMS Are Made

The Club was featured in the Sunday edition of the Boston Globe! Click on the link below to read the full article by the Globe’s John Powers.

Place where dreams are made
by John Powers

NORWOOD — Olga Ganicheva told her skaters at the Dallas Figure Skating Club about a new building going up in Massachusetts that would make the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg look like an ice shanty.

“At the beginning I thought, this totally won’t happen,” said Ashley Lin. “Then at the end of August we came up and took a tour and I thought, ‘Well, this is serious.’ ”

The Skating Club of Boston, which for more than eight decades operated out of a glorified Quonset hut by the Charles River, has become the sport’s 21st-century mecca. Its new $67 million facility on University Avenue in Norwood, which opened in September, has three ice surfaces plus an extraordinary range of amenities.