Important COVID-19 Update

Dear Member,

Given the continued lack of reported transmissions of COVID-19 at the Club and lifting of restrictions outside of the Club, we are instituting the following updates to the Club’s COVID-19 safety protocols effective July 5, 2021. These may or may not be permanent updates to the Club’s COVID-19 policies depending upon external factors and the tracking of any transmissions of the virus within the Club. With the new Delta variant of the virus quickly becoming dominant, please understand that for all our safety and the success of our skaters on the ice, the Club may very likely need to roll back these policies as summer winds down.

Importantly, these policies are for day-to-day activities at the Club and will likely not be the same policies in effect for the events and competitions the Club will be hosting starting in August. Event-specific policies will be announced for each event.

As of July 5, 2021:

  • Masks will no longer be required when inside the Club facility.
  • It is requested in the strongest possible manner that all non-vaccinated members continue to wear masks while inside the facility.
  • Locker rooms will remain closed except for the use of lockers and restrooms. Skaters using lockers must still put their skates on and off in the Club hallways.
  • Due to Safesport restrictions, all members must use the locker rooms designated for their age. There are no exceptions. Signage detailing the age restrictions will be clearly posted in each locker room.
  • As always, Club lockers must be rented for the entire season. The cost is $60/locker. Please inquire at the Club office if you are interested, and you will be assigned a locker and provided with the combination number for the lock.
  • We will continue the existing travel policy that proof of a negative PCR test is still required for members who have not been vaccinated and are returning to the Club after air travel. Proof of vaccination should be supplied directly to Cheri Rigby. Cheri does not share this individual information with Club management. We are only informed of the total number of proof of vaccinations that have been submitted.

The Club is NOT eliminating the requirement to complete and submit a daily screening questionnaire should the need arise to conduct any contact tracing for members at the Club on any given day or days.

While it is immensely encouraging that restrictions can be lifted and the number of reported cases of transmissions and deaths from COVID-19 in the Commonwealth have drastically dropped, we are not yet in the free and clear with this pandemic. I remain concerned about the much-reported Delta variant and its virulence. As always, please immediately report any instances of exposure to COVID-19 within your circle of friends and family so that we may continue to monitor the risk of virus transmission at the Club. Reports, as well as any questions, should be directed to the Club’s COVID-19 Safety Officer, Cheri Rigby, at

Thank you, everyone! We rely upon all of us for our continued success through the pandemic.


Doug Zeghibe
Executive Director