Jessica Pratt

Brian Podgurski

I owe my entire involvement in the sport of figure skating to my sister, Jessica. When I was born, she was already a member of the Flagg Pond Skating Club, and as the youngest child I was dragged to every one of her practices. It wasn't long before our mom had 2 kids on the ice (sorry, mom)!

Jessica competed up to the senior level and achieved a gold medal in Moves in the Field. Some of my most treasured memories include our summertime rides to the rink in her Chrysler Sebring convertible (ALWAYS with the top down), rooting for her each season at the Bay State Winter Games, and our annual, brother-sister exhibition performance at our club's Christmas show. Jessica taught me how to win modestly, how to lose graciously, and to never lose sight of the goal. She met every challenge before her with focused determination and never a complaint. She was the epitome of good sportsmanship and was a role model to our entire club community.

I am lucky to have grown up with her on my team and look forward to sharing our love of skating with her 3 boys. Thank you for being my inspiration, Jess!

Section 114
Row J
Seat 11