Section 114 / Row G / Seat 11

Dr. Madeline E. Wunder

Dr. Madeline E. Wunder, a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in Orthopedic and Sports Medicine with a specialty in Concussion and Impact training was a 21 year member of Yarmouth Ice Club; she was the longest tenured skating member of record. Madeline began her skating career at the age of 6 years old and the rest is history! A double gold medalist in Freestyle and Moves in the Field, Madeline’s competitive career consists of:
4-Time International Competitor and Medalist in Singles and Theatre on Ice
2-Time National TOI Medalist
8-Time Regional, Sectional & Junior National Competitor and Medalist
And several soloist appearances in Ice Show through the years
Her coaching accomplishments include International and National Coach - Theatre on Ice; Sectional & Regional Coach - Singles.
Madeline is blessed with the ability to merge her two passions in life by continuing to coach and helping athletes return to their sports.

Section 114
Row G
Seat 11